Southern Hemisphere Vastu

Southern Hemisphere Vastu

One should not use a pre-set bundle of standard rules at every place. The guidance, Vastu consultancy services and their benefits largely depend upon their wise application in given conditions. Therefore, the tailor made Vastu advice shall always be the best because that is prepared and designed keeping in mind the Vastu design for that particular model. How the Vastu tenets are applied on different parts of the globe is technical question that needs a perfect knowledge, education, expertise and data base.

Designing on the drawings/ Layout Plans:

There may be many questions in the mind of website site reader from Southern Hemisphere point of view. for example, Vastu for drawing in Southern Hemisphere is a crucial activity because when somebody is planning to make a house, a shop, a store, a factory, an industry or an office than he thinks about the Vastu compliant house drawing. Once the drawing is started to be conceptualised, then comes the next question I.e. Vastu for sleeping directions in Southern Hemisphere. Similarly, Vastu for house designs in Southern Hemisphere implies the various facilities layouts to be drafted on the drawing.

There may be other anxiety in the house owner about Vastu for South-east facing houses in Southern Hemisphere if he has a piece of land which faces the South-east direction. in such case one corner is the east and the other corner in the front of the site is South. Now in India this direction is though not serious but not much appreciated direction. Similarly, then the nest step of marking the main gate or main entry door is there and thinking in details about Vastu for main entry in Southern Hemisphere is in discussion. We advise to take the most positive direction for entry into the house. This may be as per Vastu thumb rules, but applying the same concept in Southern Hemisphere is a must.

The formula of getting the best Vastu friendly positive main entry is the reverse that is applied in India and Indian sub-continent. It means there shall be a difference of 180 degrees in Southern Hemisphere whereas in India it shall be either zero or 360 degrees. The entire Vastu rules roam about this innate principle which should be considered in each case. The flip-flop calculations are not going to serve the Vastu calculation purpose hence the professional consultant is needed.

Which direction is the most serious in Southern Hemisphere?

There are other questions related to Vastu for best house facing in Southern Hemisphere. Dear readers, there is no particular thumb-rule to define the best direction of facing in any Hemisphere. The whole world may have almost equal number of houses and commercial premises facing to the different directions.

But outrightly rejection of a particular direction or two is not a justified decision. All directions are good to have, Then, what to do to create the positive energies in a house in every direction is not difficult to define. Just fix up everything as per the Vastu which is the science of energies and vibrations. Things shall automatically become positive.

The Spread Overseas; Unique Feature

Decision before buying the vacant plot:

This is the decision in which we become very conscious to buy the best piece of land. Vastu for the best plot facing in Southern Hemisphere is as simple as in the Northern Hemisphere. The Vedic Vastu talks about the directions which yield the best and positive outcome. If the site is not in tandem to the basic Vastu rules, then too having to it in tune with the positive energies is not difficult. The Vastu expertise says that we can divert away the negativities and nurture the positivity in any house. So, fearing from the facing direction is not appreciated.

Other Vastu Factors:

Vastu for master bedroom location in Southern Hemisphere is an important factor because master bedroom is a very sensitive issue that reflects in good health and sound sleep. Vastu for Pooja place/ worship area in Southern Hemisphere is also a very sensitive point because Pooja is a very auspicious activity thru which we expect the overall peace. Vastu for sleeping head direction in Southern Hemisphere is equally essential to know. Similarly, other bedrooms and Vastu for master bedroom in Southern Hemisphere become important factors. Storage is also needed so Vastu for store in Southern Hemisphere to be seen from the factor of weight and volume stored in the store room. Now a days the swimming is becoming very fun activity so Vastu for swimming pool in Southern Hemisphere is to be seen from the water element I.e. Jala Tatwa viewpoint.

Vastu for underground water storage tank in Southern Hemisphere is also counted in any water element like in India and Northern Hemisphere but as there is difference between Northern Hemisphere and Southern Hemisphere so it should be taken care in the South-east that comes between South and east. However, the borewell, UG water tank and rainwater harvesting should not be on the diagonal joining the South-east to north-west. This diagonal represents the spine of imaginary Vastu Purusha present on each piece of land.

Toilets, Weight, Mirrors and Study factors:

Vastu for overhead water storage tank in Southern Hemisphere is almost in tune with the weight factor and the nature of water that fits in the middle of west. Vastu for septic tank in Southern Hemisphere has to be seen and after analysing where we designed the toilets or washrooms because it has to follow the government norms. Vastu for study room in Southern Hemisphere is almost in tune with the study facing direction in Northern Hemisphere that is face east as the first preference while studying. Vastu for study facing direction in Southern Hemisphere is defined keeping in mind the rising sun and its virtues.

Vastu for Kitchen in Southern Hemisphere is connected with the fire element so it should be in the fire direction I.e. Agni Tatva. Vastu for fire place in Southern Hemisphere is similar as defined in the other page in details. Vastu for windows in Southern Hemisphere is simple that one should take maximum windows in South or east so that the positivity enters there. Vastu for main door in Southern Hemisphere shall follow the norms which are based on magnetic lines crossing the lot or plot. Vastu for drawing room in Southern Hemisphere has to be in the nearest zone of entrance so that the guest feels comfortable but the directions as per Vastu will play a vital role in Vastu.

Vastu for mirror in Southern Hemisphere to be almost 50% opposite to Northern Hemisphere I.e. north and west not to be chosen to fix the mirrors. Vastu for w.c. toilet seat in Southern Hemisphere is same rule following face north. Vastu for almirah in Southern Hemisphere where the cash or the garments are kept are defined in the different directions. Vastu for cash box in Southern Hemisphere shall adhere to the magnetic attraction. The direction of facing in South may be fit for that purpose.

How to apply Vastu in Southern Hemisphere:

How to apply Vastu in Southern Hemisphere is a Vastu topic that has to cover a lot of factors. All the factors should be scientific and logical. So scientific Vastu will clearly define “is Vastu different in Southern Hemisphere? If the answer is yes, then better to define the factors which are similar and which are different in both of the Hemispheres. Southern Hemisphere Vastu consultant has to carry a big responsibility because studying, analysing and then interpreting the tenets for that zone shall be defined by the best Vastu expert in Southern Hemisphere.

There may be many topics to work upon in Southern Hemisphere like Vastu for home, Vastu for office, Vastu for business and of course business Vastu that includes Vastu consultancy services for warehouses, shops, restaurants and stores. The Vastu guidelines for the construction work to be carried on upon the vacant plot is there to be defined. In all cases the most precautions should be taken by the expert Vastu consultant while defining and designing the slope of land. In landscaping activity, the Vastu value of slopes is more sensitive. So, a land scape expert should also know the rules of Vastu in Southern Hemisphere so that the landscape as per Vastu be made.